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2020/21 Grit Fitness Event series...

APRIL 18th

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July 31 - Aug 2


December 31 - Jan 1


We are looking for people and companies to partner with to make our events the best events that they can possibly be. This is a great opportunity to promote your business! There are many different options available in which to do this. Check them out below or click "become a sponsor" if you're ready now.

Through your sponsorship of our events, your name and/or business will reach thousands of people including spectators, participants, and more through social media. And you'll be helping us as we partner with Arrow Child and Family Ministries as we commit 5% of all ticket sales to go directly to them. 

4x8 banner at The Grit Games,The Grit Ultra,

and  The Grit 5k events and on the wall at all Grit Fitness

gyms that will remain up for a full calendar year.
Logo on back of each event Shirt

4 of each Event Shirts

5 Grit 5k registrations

2 Grit Ultra registrations

1 Grit Games Open Registration
Logo on the Website
Highlights on Social Media
Mentions on Social Media
Shout outs at each event from DJ/MC

Logo on Back of each Shirt

2 of each Event Shirt

2 Grit 5k registrations

1 Grit Ultra registration

Logo on group banner 

(will be at each event and

on the wall at each gym)
Mentions on Social media

Name on back of each event Shirt

1 of each Event Shirt
Name on group banner

(will be at each event and

on the wall at each gym)
Mentions on Social Media



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