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What is the grit games?

The Grit Games is a brutal competition designed to test your fitness as it relates to OCR like no other competition can.


5 events over the span of a day that are designed to highlight your strengths and expose your weaknesses. 

Kenny Stanford and Roy Maynor created The Grit Games in 2018 because it seemed like many of the obstacle course races available to compete in were becoming very corporate with little to no real heart felt consideration of the needs, wants, or desires of the competitive OCR athlete.  People who, while living a normal day to day life, make a lot of sacrifices to compete at the highest level they possibly can. We saw the need to create a race that was by the people, for the people. This is a promise to all who compete at The Grit Games. We are not a fun run, we are a competition and the rules matter. We have a high standard and hold every athlete accountable. One of the ways we hold this high standard is that every team on Saturday and every individual on Sunday has a designated judge that has a thorough understanding of the competition rules and will not hesitate to hold the athletes to them. Ok, let's get into the format and itinerary for the weekend...

Saturday is our open division and is a team competition. Men's, Women's, and Coed Teams will compete in our 5  events throughout the day. Anyone can compete in the open division on Saturday, all you need is a teammate and some serious GRIT. 


Sunday is for the Elites/Pros and is an invite only competition. 

Each day will begin with opening ceremonies that begin at 7:00am sharp. The first briefing begins at 7:30am and the first wave for the first event begins at 8am. Each event will take roughly 30 minutes and have several waves. You can see the 5 events structure for 2022 by scrolling down. This year the events will be similar so you can get a good idea of what to expect by looking at last years events. You can also check out the live coverage provided by The OCR Report in 2021 for the Sunday Pro Division events by clicking here.

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the official 2023 rule book will be released soon.

Strength Event.png


30 Minute AMRAP

Each carry will be a 200m loop

Buy in: 400m Run

  • Bucket Carry  (90lbs/70lbs) 

  • 4 Timber Flips (HEAVY)

  • Sandbag Carry (80lbs/60lbs) 

  • 10 Atlas bag over the shoulders (100lbs/80lbs) 

  • Farmers Carry (53lbs/44lbs) 

  • Herc Hoist (80lbs/60lbs)

Speed Event.png


Start a 3 minute timer, run 400m, do burpees until the 3 minutes runs out.

  • Repeat for 8 total rounds. 

  • Highest accumulated number of burpees wins

Obstacle Event.png

3. Obstacle SKILL EVENT

Obstacle Rig 80ft + long. 

  • NOTES: Distance wins, section average breaks ties.

Section Average = Sections Completed/Total Time

OCR Event.png

4. Obstacle course race event

45 minute time cap for event.

 400m Lap to start and between each round


1. Rope Climb

2. Up/Down Monkey Bars   

3. Balance It Out

4. Gibbons 

5. The Wall

6.  Pegboard 2.0

7. Tunnel to Hot Box 

8. Tyrolean Traverse 

9. Stairway

10. Twister

Endurance Event.png


Last man standing for time. 

2 Minute Round - All begin with a 2 minute dead hang. 

Form 3 groups to cycle through these 3 stations:

  1.  Air bike -- X Calories

  2. Sandbell 400m

  3. X Jump Rope

Each one must be completed in under 2 minutes to continue. 20 second transition between stations.

5 Minute Round - same rules apply

  1. 2KB Farmers Carry 400m

  2. X Lunges

  3. X Bag over Bar

Each one must be completed in under 5 minutes to continue. 20 second transition between stations.

Elimination Round - First 3 to quit or finish last on each station are out. and 20 second timer starts to get ready for next station

  1. 1 Mile Run

  2. Dead Hang

  3. Sandbell Overhead Hold

  4. Bucket Carry 400m

  5. Air bike don't drop below X watts

A 20 second timer starts to get ready for next station




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