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The Crash Dash OCR is a fun and exciting Obstacle Course Race for all fitness levels hosted at state of the art Obstacle Course training facilities and Functional Fitness gyms across Texas.

Each Pro Division race will serve as a qualifier for the Grit Games 2022 (Top 3 only).

The Open Division is non-competitive but will still test your Grit in a fun and exciting, yet non-threatening, way! It is for ALL fitness levels and could be considered the perfect intro to obstacle course racing as there is no mud and no hills. 


The 2022 Crash Dash OCR series will include 5 Crash Dash OCRs. At each you will be awarded points based on your place/ranking amongst other racers. The Grit Games on August 6th(Open) and 7th(Pro) will serve as our CHAMPIONSHIP event for this series! 

Cash prizes will be awarded for the Pro Podium at each Crash Dash. And there will be cash prizes for the Top 3 male and female points earners of the Crash Dash Pro series and preferred heat placement at the Grit Games 2022 for Pro and Open. 


Pro division: $89

Pro division season pass: $375 (includes all 5 races)

Open division: $79

Open division season pass: $325 (includes all 5 races)


All finishers will get a sweet Crash Dash Medal and T-shirt!

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January 29


Rebel Fitness is in Liberty Hill Texas near Austin and is owned and operated by the fierce and wonderful Regina Watson.


Rebel Fitness is a place to come and get comfortable being uncomfortable. We aren’t saying this to scare anyone away because everyone’s ‘uncomfortable’ is different. Yours may be just walking through the door. To others, it may be trying something new. Then there are those who push their bodies beyond what they thought was possible! Regardless of what your ‘uncomfortable’ is, REBEL FITNESS will be there with trainers and an amazing community to help you -- because when you are ‘uncomfortable’, that is where the change happens!


REBEL FITNESS offers a variety of training classes which will help you gain endurance, strength, and mobility. REBEL also focuses on obstacle course training to get you ready for your next OCR race. We offer classes several times a day to meet your needs.

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March 12

290 Fitness


290 Fitness is in Houston Texas and is owned and operated by Tom Zigrang.


What makes 290 Fitness different?
First, we are not a commercial gym! 

Unlike a commercial gym, where you walk through the door to find a sea of machines or row after row of benches & weights with everyone on their own, we instead are designed to workout as a team in a motivating environment. We have coaches to guide you, teammates to inspire you, and evolving workouts that continue to challenge you. You will never be ‘stuck in a rut’ ! 

Second, we target all levels of fitness and are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.  We want you to see results!  You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone, welcome new challenges, give 100% and leave lazy at the door! 

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April 30



BC Fitness is a community of support, education, and encouragement.


We are dedicated to teaching individuals the true benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle. We are an ever evolving system, bringing functional and innovative training in an energetic and FUN way.

BC Fitness inspires change and seeks to make a positive impact in our communities. We provide a unique environment where everyone can belong. We believe that true fitness is NOT about being better than someone else but rather being better than YOU used to be. We believe in your ability to overcome “I can’t”, we believe that when you…


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June 25


We are still looking for a partner gym for this race. If you or your home gym are interested hosting a Crash Dash OCR event on June 25 please email kenny@gritfitnessocr.com for more details. 

We are definitely having this event. We have Grit Fitness West Columbia, Lake Jackson, and Bay City as back up locations. You can confidently register for this event knowing it will happen and it will be somewhere in Texas. 

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July 16



Grit Fitness is the original location of the very first Crash Dash OCR and the home of the championship event The Grit Games. You do not want to miss this edition of Crash Dash. It will be the final Crash Dash leading into the Grit Games and be an incredible experience for all. 

Grit Fitness and is owned and operated by Kenny Stanford and is all about functional fitness that leads to longevity and performance. But Grit Fitness is so much more than just daily workout. As our members know Grit Fitness is a way of life, and most importantly a family with shared values, visions, and goals. It's about helping you reach and fulfill your highest potential in life. Grit Fitness is all about Fitness, Faith, and Family. 

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- January 29th - Austin - Rebel Fitness
- March 12th - Houston - 290 Fitness
- April 30th - North Houston - BC Fitness
- June 25th - Location TBD
- July 16th - West Columbia - Grit Fitness
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