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Saturday August 12th is the OPEN TEAMS DIVISION 

Sunday August 13th is the "BY INVITE ONLY" PRO DIVISION 


Strength Event_edited.jpg


The Strength Event is designed to test you your ability to move heavy stuff. From heavy carries to heavy lifts, this is will be way more than a 1 Rep Max.

Justice Borne Running_edited.jpg


The speed event is meant to see how fast you are. But this won't be your "Every Day 5k" style race. Be ready to throw down on some burpees or what ever else we dream up.

Laysa Obstacle_edited_edited.jpg


Obstacles are a key component to OCR. But this isn't your standard monkey bars. The obstacle rig will test your grip, balance, coordination and more.

OCR Race BG_edited.jpg


The Obstacle Course Race (OCR) event will test your ability be to put your strength, speed, and obstacle proficiency together. Event 4 is the OCR test you have been looking for.

Ben Pina Bike.jpeg


You may be strong, you may be fast, and you may be agile, but can your body outlast the competition? In a "last man standing" fashion, Event 5 will make you question your life choices.

Click to view 2022 results


1st  - $5,000       2nd - $1,000       3rd - $500
*only the pro division is eligible for cash prizes

“The Grit Games is a culmination of all aspects of OCR strength and conditioning.   Even the best athletes are brought to their knees.   And yet, you watch them continue to peel themselves back off the ground repeatedly.  By far the most inspiring display of relentless spirit you’ll ever witness!”

-Chris Balven, 2022 Pro Team Competitor

Joshua Richardson Judging.jpeg


Want to be right in the middle of the action without having to compete?

Our volunteers are what MAKE Grit Games possible. Without their help... athletes wouldn't have judges, events wouldn't be set up, etc.

Additionally, we are eye-balling some pretty sweet volunteer swag for Grit Games 2023.

Check back for how to get involved

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